Mediasmart Sees 78% Decrease in Mobile Ad Quality Violations Using GeoEdge

8 December 2016

The challenge of providing customers a self-serve solution is the element of control. With mediasmart customers wanting to have more control over uploading their own tags, as well as creative assets, mediasmart wanted to be able to provide their customers with that level of control, but were aware of the risk attached.

Implementing GeoEdge’s mobile ad security and verification soluations, mediasmart have been able to ensure all checks are carried out as creatives and their corresponding tags are uploaded, and only set them live once all checks are completed.

The implementation has reduced ad quality incidents by 78%, as it can detect violations immediately. The integration has allowed mediasmart to scale and expand, by allowing their customers to have control over more elements of the creative process.

By working with GeoEdge, mediasmart have been able to stop mobile auto-redirects from disrupting the user experience; allow customers to upload their tags directly, and mediasmart have been able to serve 8x more impressions without ad policy violations.

Case Study

Mediasmart places a strong emphasis on the quality of their mobile advertising inventory (for tablets and smartphones). Providing customers with a self-serve solution that allows them to upload their own creatives put the mediasmart guarantee of high ad quality at risk. In addition, customers wanted to upload their own ad tags instead of creative assets, increasing the risk as tags are more difficult to control and regulate.

Utilising the GeoEdge mobile ad security and verification solutions, creatives are checked as soon as they are uploaded or changed. They are also scanned with high frequency, configurable by specific account or seat ID.

With mediasmart’s own interface integrated directly with GeoEdge via APIs, creatives go live only when they have successfully passed GeoEdge’s ad tag scanner and a visual audit is completed by mediasmart’s ad quality and approval management teams.

Using the GeoEdge mobile ad quality management solution has reduced mediasmart’s ad quality incidents by 78 percent, especially auto-redirects. Mediasmart detects the violations and removes the offensive creatives immediately, and they can now invest and serve up to eight times more impressions before generating an ad policy violation with an external party.

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