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Tuesday, April 12, 2016 3:33 PM


News: Keytree has been selected by Greggs as SAP Systems Integrator.

One of UK’s largest bakery chains, Greggs, has selected enterprise technology provider Keytree as its SAP Systems Integrator for its business transformation programme.

In 2014, Greggs started using SAP as its technology and applications provider for enterprise resource planning (ERP). The latest programme is expected to benefit several areas of the Greggs business.

The Greggs Customer Interaction Centre presently uses SAP technology, which has facilitated the company to handle calls and daily enquiries in an effective manner.

Keytree has also deployed cloud‐based learning and development solutions through SuccessFactors for Greggs employees.

The deployment has allowed almost 20,000 Greggs employees to easily access its dedicated training and learning programme. The baker is planning to rollout of the new training platform to all of its employees over the next 18 months.

Keytree is also set to implement Source to Contract requirements using Ariba solutions, which will allow the business to manage around 4,500 suppliers across its operations, after the project goes live later this year.

Greggs SAP Transformation programme manager James Holmes said: “The work with Keytree has only been running for nine months as part of our longer term IT investment programme, but we have made a good start and are encouraged by the early results we are seeing these projects deliver.

“With our planned growth in the UK, it was important that we chose the right technology partner to help us plan and execute these projects successfully.”

Keytree is also expected to use SAP HANA to configure Greggs’ core finance, procurement and portfolio and project management solutions.

SAP HANA is an in‐memory platform that combines an ACID‐compliant database with advanced data processing, application services, and flexible data integration services and several big companies are using the technology for data management.

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